Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Aquaman - King of the Seas

Project Rooftop (as well as a few other similar communities) are making a call for redesigns on Aquaman, and it just so happens that I'm one of those people who thinks the SUPERPOWERED KING OF FREAKIN' ATLANTIS is a cool idea rather than a lame one. So here we go: Arthur Curry, King of Atlantis, and Mera, his queen from a mysterious dimension of water.

This redesign imagines an in-continuity Arthur returning to Atlantis as its king and protector. The bright green and armored portions of the costume are slightly irridescent, like many fish species, which improves his visibility in all kinds of light conditions. Rather than orange scales, I went with silver, which is more dignified and serious. I also made it clear the scales cover most of his body, rather than just his torso and arms. I imagine that the symbols of Atlantis - the stylized "A" character, the scallop shell, and the trident - are all wrought in some kind of Atlantean gold alloy that's durable and resists corrosion. He also has bracers and greaves with fins made of this metal. The lines of the costume, however, are the biggest change. They suggest the bows and peaks of ocean waves, as well as the otherworldly architecture of Atlantis, and even reinforces the "A" of Atlantis, Aquaman, and Arthur.

For Mera, I tried to retain as much of her usual costume as possible, because it looks great on her. She usually wears some variation on a simple, green bodysuit with fins on the feet, so I redid that in the sleek, dark green wetsuit material. To this, I added a fishtail-like, irridescent mantle, and an open back. She wears a variation on her usual three-pointed tiara, which is distinctive and appealing on its own, a simpler version of Arthur's belt, and smaller, solid gold versions of his fin bracers. The scalloped ears aren't strictly canonical, but it helps remind us that she's from another dimension.

There you go.